My Pulse Love Affair…

April 19, 2013   / by Jess Lee  / Categories :

Here’s how my story starts….

The Pulse elevator opens… It’s either A.) LIGHTS OFF – Jason is in a meeting or manny-ing his twins into the world and everyone’s sitting in the dark working as if they’ve been there all night like vampires. Or B.) LIGHTS ON – Jason is in, things seem more serious and I’M LATE.

And the booty call begins again…

Now, if you haven’t heard from me before then you don’t know the real deal. Some of the Pulse team may not agree but as the saying goes: opinions are like assholes, everyone’s got ’em.

So, here’s the thing. I constantly leave the Pulse team out of the blue like their my booty call. Then I keep coming back again for more. But they’re an irresistible booty call, to be honest (like that person you really enjoy being with, but try so hard not to fall in love with). How do you ignore a chaos that is not so chaotic where everybody understands you? The “normal people” may think that the creative world is nuts, which btw I admit WE ARE, but the bottom line is THAT’s what makes us creative. And we all run with it proudly.  It’s pretty fucking awesome actually. So, I guess I keep coming back to Pulse because I need a dose of chaotic creativity every now and then. They never fail to make me laugh and inspire me to pursue my best. Maybe I should stop being that “asshole” and realize we have a good thing.

The majority of the days I’m there, I catch ridiculous, borderline inappropriate comments and conversations as if I’m invisible and not there, even though I’m actually within 12 inches seating distance. (That’s a fucking ruler between us!!!) You get how distantly close we are? I can literally smell the fresh fart out of their asses. And it’s not so pleasant in those everlasting minutes trying to photoshop a piece of chocolate while holding my breath. Okay, I probably give too much credit when I say the comments are” borderline inappropriate” – they’re straight up NOT for your mother’s ears!!! I guess it must be love when you sit through it and giggle, instead of run away.

This office is full of the most interesting people that come and work hard together. We DO go hard and we DON’T go home until the job is done. (Yup, that’s what she said). You think The Office is a good show? Forget about it, Pulse Creative is THE show. We’ve got a roller skater patrolling around with a guitar, closet singers with headphones on singing their hearts out like no one’s in the office, a DJ that makes us dance during after hours, germaphobes that constantly use sanitizers, music festival fanatics doing whatever they can to get to the next show, Facebook addicts, game addicts (Candy Crush…ahhhh!!!!), a French boy that works hard but nobody understands in a really loud place because his accent’s so thick, cigarette breaks with the smokers caravan.  Let me remind you that we do all this amidst working. It seems crazy neurotic and fun but we ALWAYS get shit done. We time manage and have fun. That’s what Pulse is all about.

Now, to end this with THE question… to tie the knot or not on my love affair with Pulse?

You let me know.

BTW – As you read this, I am enjoying my time away from these crazy people in my home town of LA and then headed to Coachella. Not sure when I’ll be back 🙂

(Note to reader: The lovable and neurotic Jessica Lee aka Jessikidder aka Jessikhaleesi aka Jessicka Rabbit began at Pulse as a bright eyed and bushy tailed intern back in 2010.  At some point, she graduated and joined our graphic design team in our cramped stinky but beloved old office on 55th Street. She then decided to freelance with us and others (sassy and frisky all the way). Because we love her, we always ask her to keep coming to help us here and there. And truth be told, she’s never let us down.  But we’ve finally asked her to stop with the flirtatious tease BS and move back in.  So here we are, still waiting, counting days, hours, nights for a precious moment to have her back in our arms again…  All help in getting her to stay is greatly appreciated.  Thank You – Pulse Management & especially Alex & Dhare (her ex-office husband, who is not over the divorce yet!)

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Pulse Creative Blog l Full-services marketing agency l Graphic Design l Website Design l Video Editing l NYC