My first week at Pulse Creative

April 23, 2013   / by Jacky Landers  / Categories :

The first week at Pulse Creative felt a bit nerve-racking to me. I came in and Creative Sensei Jason’s intro was a short and quick “Pulse, this is Jacky. Jacky, this is Pulse. She’s our new design intern.” I got a less-than-enthusiastic “hey…”, and then it fell silent immediately after (as if everyone was diligently studying for a final exam). Great. What did I get myself into? My first impression was that no one talked to each other, and that the dead atmosphere would be like this everyday. This life-long Hispanic Brooklyn girl was not used to spending long amounts of time in an environment like this! I was handed over a couple of projects, and I got right to it. The most interesting client I’ve designed for so far is Dance With Me Studios. The owners of these studios are Maksim and Val Chmerkovskiy and Tony Dovolani if you happen to be a Dancing With the Stars fan.

Weeks later, things picked up a bit and I was participating in creative exercises with the gang for some major clients. It was such a great experience because I was able to use what my mentor had taught me about strategy and execution in an agency. It was a bit harsh to hear the critiques from Monica, the CEO here at Pulse Creative. But at least I can learn from it and better myself as a designer, and understand what would make a target audience go for specific products in a consumer market.

Apart from all of this, everyone is actually open around one another. I guess the day I started was not a good day in terms of deadlines. Or it could’ve been a Monday. It seems like these guys dig in when they really need to dig in and get $#*% done. But when the grind is over, we all get to really kick back and enjoy ourselves. During the “after-hours” at Pulse, I got to play retro video games (lost on those, except for Marvel vs. Capcom!) on a Nintendo 64 system they happened to have in the office. I also took part in a scooter race with some of the design team (lost of course – might be because of my height). I feel like I’m their little sister, since the team’s always checking up on me (awww!). I really feel like I’m a part of one big happy family away from home. Its actually starting to turn out to be a place I really enjoy working for and I always look forward to coming back the next day.

I guess working in an agency isn’t all about strict deadlines, staying late at night, and straining your eyes on this one little scar a model wanted Photoshopped out. Can’t wait to see what the days ahead bring in this little reality show of an agency I work at! взять ипотеку в банке онлайн

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