24 Hour Fire Drill

May 23, 2013   / by nikalovely  / Categories :

So there are some moments that feel like we are ‘gleaming the cube’ and last night was certainly one of them.

Some of you may or may not know this but we have a very strong ideation and pitch team; and that we work for some of the best and brightest in our own field. At times it’s a godsend; and at others it’s pure torture.

The last few days were both heaven and hell rolled up into 24 and 48 hour deadline days. Which seems like no big deal. Pulse has done plenty of those before.

But in the world of video production that is not nearly enough time to do anything even remotely decent. Especially with creating 3-D designs from scratch, rotoscoping; having animation built into every frame and the worst part, render times.

I started Pulse Creative back in 2004, and since then I’ve been to hell and back pretty often. But I think last night was the first time I went in bracing myself for the devastation that was sure to follow. But amazingly, I came back without a scratch.

What made the last night so amazing to me was that eight members of the Pulse team came together, like only our ragamuffin misfits can do, to become what I can only describe as a superhero video production machine to get the job done.

With zero margin of error and a 16 hour deadline to have a rough cut, we worked with our clients in London, who, btw, were having server issues as well as delays in getting us their 8 GB of content. Once the content was received, we had to sort and search the content for usable files we had never seen before. We were working blind to understand a vision we weren’t very familiar with and had no insight on.

Honestly, it was like playing darts in the dark. What is both scary and amazing is that, for the first time in the history of our working partnership with this specific client, they had NO edits to the rough cut. Not a single one. Bottom line, we ended up finishing with time to spare. It felt like a miracle. Literally. Like Christmas had come early.

Only some of you out there will appreciate this for what it is, especially those in broadcast or are in our line of work. I wish we could share the end product so you could appreciate what the deliverable was. But even if we can never show it, I needed to commemorate it and give a shout out the soldiers at Pulse Creative a.k.a. Idiot Savants HQ. оформить дебетовую карту онлайн

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