Eggs of Fury

March 29, 2013   / by Matt Gaw  / Categories :

With the Easter holiday coming up soon, Pulse was trying to figure out the best way to celebrate. There were several ideas that came up:

Gorge ourselves with chocolates, chocolates and more chocolates? Ummm… Not a good look for our bathrooms.

Buy a bunch of bunnies and start decorating the hell out of them? Eh… Not sure PETA would approve.

Attend church together as one big happy family? Err… I’m pretty sure if some of us stepped foot in a church, the floor would open right up and we’d fall straight through to the depths of hell. Oh yeah, there’s also the religion thing too.

So after an exhaustive research and analysis effort that took all of 5 minutes, we decided that the Pulse team would cap this week by celebrating the Easter holiday the best way possible: by simply decorating eggs. We managed to get the whole team together after keeping certain knuckleheads from using them as an after-work snack, using the eggs to chuck them out of our 3rd-floor window at innocent pedestrians, and also at each other. It felt like we were in elementary school all over again! Take a look at the results:


Thanks to Phil (that’s him in the pic above next to all those eggs), we had a bodyguard to watch our eggs so that no renegade Pulse member would do any of the previously mentioned misdemeanors. Friggin’ vultures I tell you!



With the eggs guarded, each person diligently (and not so diligently) went to messing up their perfectly round, white, deliciously good when whipped up with mayonnaise and sprinkled with some paprika… Whoops… I digress. They went to designing their egg. Just look at that concentration, finesse and determination that went into this little design session!



Pretty soon the party of one became a crowd of two, although the guy on the right doesn’t look too pleased to be having a companion now.



While we were decorating, Erik blew all of our minds and came in with Hulk Hogan! We do love seeing celebrities around the office.



The egg designs continued to grow. Pantone egg? Perfect for Pulse.



A zombie egg! If you’re wondering whom to thank for the zombie-egg apocalypse, thank Dhare. He’s all about them. He’s even got his route planned out in case zombies actually take over the world.  If you need advice on this, feel free to contact him.  He’s got plenty to give.



Now clowns? These are some of people’s worst nightmares on an egg.



Bringing back some of our childhood favorites: the Pokéball.



Guys! Guys! Focus! Stop egging around! (Sorry… Had to get that in)



A very astute observation.



Here are a couple of our Pulse ladies getting into the decorating spirit.



Check out Jess’s intricate, colorful design!


IMG_2192 IMG_2193

Final Designs! These are a result of a coffee-fueled, egg-decorating binge.  It took a lot of Sharpies, smudged hands, a bit of concentration and a lot of creative juice to arrive here but we’re pretty happy with the results! I mean where else are you going to find Hulk Hogan, an Asian man, a zombie, a Pokéball and a panda all in one place? In any case, hopefully the Pulse team inspired you to create something crazy for the holiday weekend. Enjoy the extra days off!!! микрозайм на карту через интернет

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