“The Calm and The Storm”- My first 48 hours with Pulse Creative

January 20, 2012   / by Jason Tsai  / Categories :


My name is Teddy. I don’t know how it happened, but this NYU dropout (I’m on hiatus) scored an internship at Pulse Creative. I walked into their midtown office yesterday morning. I’ve been here before many times but never that early; The office was dark, quiet, and awkwardly calm.

I was greeted by Adrienne, a really friendly but really busy graphic designer.

I figured I should make a good impression on everyone before they got in, so I ran down to get coffee and donuts. By the time I got back, the lights were bright, the music was blasting, and the office was in full swing!

Instantly, I was given a project and my Photoshop skills were put to the test. I needed to design a microphone flag (the little box you see around microphones during interviews and press conferences) for Pulse. I didn’t fail thanks to the head of the video department, Mikey, who reminded me the difference between vector and raster graphics.

Before I even finished, Alex, production manager, already informed me about my next task. Halfway through revising text describing how Dance With Me’s upcoming Jan 27th event is benefitting St. Mary’s Hospital, Singer, Lulu Dahl, and Rapper, Kid Vicious, walk into the office. Lulu will be singing the National Anthem at Hammerstein Ballroom at Maks’s Birthday Bash, and came in for a promo shoot. Enter Todd, video editing extraordinaire, who gave me a crash course in operating a Nikon D7000 and the three ways of letting light into the lens; Manually, ISO, & F STOP. I shot B-ROLL footage of Lulu & Kid Vicious and proceeded to go around the office and get to know Pulse. I met Sal and Steve, who are creating an online game for Facebook, and Phillip, Pulse’s motion graphics designer. And then I came across a second Mikey, his nickname is “Juice,” but I’m still trying to figure out why.

I then sat in on my first production meeting and had to jet down to Dance With Me SoHo to meet Matt Hunter, and rehearse his performance.

This morning, Val, Tony, Nicole, myself and the Pulse team were back in DWM SoHo teaching the cast of “Elvis Duran & The Z Morning Zoo,” and Steve Sandberg from 1010 WINS, how to Salsa.

I got super excited on our cab ride back up to the office when I saw the ad for the Maks Birthday Bash play on Taxi TV,

An hour after we got back to the office, I was even more excited to see the event promoted during the “7 Secret Sales” segment on ABC NEWS.

I know I’m barely scratching the surface, I haven’t even introduced you to everyone here, but I’m pretty sure I’m starting to understand. Pulse Creative moves at the speed of life, if not faster. Your pulse is your body’s clock, this place and these people bleed creativity…in a heartbeat.

Until next time, stay productive…because you know we are ::)

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Pulse Creative Blog l Full-services marketing agency l Graphic Design l Website Design l Video Editing l NYC