Nomadic Ramblings Vol. 1

January 17, 2012   / by Jason Tsai  / Categories :

Pulse Creative is made up of a bunch of creatives. And as so, there are alot of hours within the work day that are most likely lost to our minds trailing off to a place other than this office. We’re not saying that we aren’t productive. We’re just saying that, as creatives, we love to roam around, day dream, and just continuously search for things that inspire us. As such, we figured we’d share a little bit of this each week, starting with today. So here’s our first installment of Nomadic Ramblings. Enjoy!

Jennifer Louise Martin

UK born and based artist Jennifer Louise Martin work infuses the allure of high fashion photography with the female psyche’s constant desire to obtain beauty and perfection. Within her paintings, a response is given about societal perception of where and how true beauty exists, creating a liberating journey away from the illusion of perfection. Take a look at her body of work here and a brief Q&A here.


A great motion piece by Bl:nd, depicting the relationship between humans and Earth. This video gives us a funny, but serious, take on the role that humans play on earth. If more work for ‘being green’ were done like this, it might take on a bigger role.

The Obliteration Room

Ever wonder what would happen if you gave thousands of kids stickers and made your living room the canvas? The Queensland Gallery of Modern Art worked with Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama to create such an environment and this is what happened. Her exhibit is currently showing now until March 12.

The Power of the Internet

A friend of ours, Cesar Kuriyama, was recently tapped to be a speaker for TED talk. Our mutual friends decided to congratulate him the only way artists know how – Take his picture and place them in hilarious backgrounds. The joke that began amongst friends soon spread to the internet. Within 1 day, popular social news website,, caught wind of the joke and it started to trend in the top 5 news stories for the day. There are now over a hundred entries after 2 days and its still going strong.

John Galliano for Claridge’s London

Yes. We know. Christmas has been over for a few weeks now. But when we caught wind of fashion designer John Galliano collaborating with luxury London Hotel Claridge’s, we couldn’t help but share it with you all! Here’s how it turned out.

Ian Eastwood x Drake

Chicago native Ian Eastwood started dancing at the wee age of 10 and is now an up-and-coming choreographer changing the game. Check out what he did with Kubskoutz and Quick crews for Drake’s “Dreams Money can Buy”.

Chiddy Bang – Thruth

Just a great video from one of our favorite artists, Chiddy Bang’s “Truth”.

The Pulse-Creative-Needs-an-Office-Pet Fund

And finally…we here at Pulse Creative have been lobbying hard for a new office pet. We’ll take this one. If you find her, please walk her straight to our office. Thank you.

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