Product Design: The Ovoid

March 27, 2013   / by Matt Gaw  / Categories :

Since we’ve been so fixated on the oval shape lately due to the up coming Easter weekend, we also wanted to share a few ovoid-inspired products we found interesting. Here are some items that caught our eye in particular:



Lomme is a firm that is currently developing an innovative bed concept: a place to sleep shaped like an egg.  Lomme actually stands for Light Over Matter Mind Evolution, where they create products that are “natural, life enhancing and mind developing for a cleaner, healthier, happier existence”.



The concept was a result of two years of research into sleeping habits, problems and the ways to correct those issues.  The bed uses lights, sounds and massage therapies to give the user the best, most rejuvenating sleep experience out there. It can also connect to your iPhone or iPod and utilizes color therapy to help you feel refreshed and rested. The design behind it is a seamless blend of nature and technology.


The Hemloft Tree House

Joel Allen, a computer technician-turned-carpenter, set out to find the perfect space in Canada to create this beautiful tree house. After months of research and testing, he began building his tree house in Hemlocks, Whistler in Western Canada. It took years, thousands of dollars and tons of free items from Craigslist to complete the finished product called the “Hemloft”.



Simple yet sublime, we love the artistic vision Joel had and materialized all by himself. The amount of time and dedication he also gave is worthy of praise. He’s managed to keep this project a secret for three years because it’s near some of Western Canada’s most luxurious mega-homes and he is technically illegally squatting on the mountain. His passion for his artistic design now has him searching for ways to make it legal so that more people can enjoy his design. Hopefully he finds a way to keep the Hemloft so that people can experience what he’s built.


Sleeping Pods

Sleeping pods have been popping up all over the Internet.  We as a human race have this deep fascination with the way we nap and re-energize with sleep. To this end, the pod has really been the popular trend when it comes to new and different methods of napping.



The Metronaps EnergyPod (above) is especially designed for power napping at work. The shape gives the feeling of a room while you nap.  An even cooler feature is the pod’s ability to recline and then cover you with a privacy shield. This really helps maximize that naptime and therefore enables better productivity.

If you’ve got a little bit more money in your pockets, you can order this Ovei Pod, created by Lee McCormack and engineered by McLaren Applied Technologies (yeah, the McLaren that builds Formula 1 cars).



The Ovei Pod is customizable to the client’s specifications. This includes furnished options such as a massage chair, custom upholstery, game consoles, mini fridge and even a space for your dog. We think this is the ultimate “Lazy Boy”. If you fit that couch potato profile and have got $100K lying around, then we think this might be a pretty good investment. займ срочно онлайн новые

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