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March is Women’s History Month. All women, no matter what age, color or size, give us inspiration. Here at Pulse, there are a few notable women who have inspired us. Check out who they are:

Lulu & Lala

Lulu & Lala – These twins are a huge inspiration to us.  They started in the Hispanic market but are now co-hosts on 92.3 Now’s Ty Loves NY. They are a big dose of energy when we are feeling sluggish on our commute into the city.

Ty Love’s NY




Raina SeitelRaina Seitel – When not working in front of a camera as a correspondent for NBC’s New York Live or filming her show, “City Girls Diaries”, Raina is trying to spend as much time with her son Hunter. She takes the term “Working Mother” to another level.  She’s got style, beauty, charisma and grace.  We love her for her amusing and inspiring stories of single mom trials and tribulations.





Lauren KaminskyLauren Kaminsky – Only 24, Lauren is the Vice President of her father’s business: EZ Pawn Corp.  She is the pawn shop owner of the sexy and trendy Beauty & Essex pawn shop on the Lower East Side.  She goes by the name of Gold Girl in our industry and that’s not for her hair. You can see Lauren live blogging on The Oscar’s red carpet for the World Gold Council because there is nothing sexier than a little golden bling.







Louisa HunterLouisa Hunter, DDS – Once upon a time, Louisa was simply known as the sexy powerhouse dentist to quite a few Latin stars and celebs. Today, she is the ultimate multi-tasking mama, who still runs and owns her two practices in NY and NJ but also balances being a mother and a manager to the up and coming Latin teen heartthrob: Matt Hunter.  Learning the ropes of a new business and navigating contracts, lawyers and a travel calendar is a full time job.  But this mom of 4 does that and so much more…






Jhanna VolynetsJhanna Volynets – Jhanna is one of the powerhouse partners behind Dance With Me Dance Studios (Home to Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Valentin Chmerkovskiy and Tony Dovolani from Dancing with the Stars). Business savvy coupled with a fine eye for quality has brought Jhanna success in building the Dance With Me Empire as well as raising two amazing kids: Teddy Volynets (yes, that name rings familiar as one of the past Pulse interns!) and Nicole Volynets, another rising star powerhouse in the making.  Jhanna inspires us to dream big, stay true to our character and integrity and chase dreams.





Donna WDonna Wiederkehr – Donna, CMO of Aegis Media North America, has created her success with her eyes perpetually on the prize. Her tenacity to win engagements has proven to be integral to the growth of Carat and Aegis Media.  What most people don’t know is what drives this dedicated and passionate woman is her love of an amazing group of children living in Rwanda. Her advocacy to help orphaned and abandoned children in Rwanda shows how big Donna’s heart is.  She inspires us to not just work hard but the give more.




Kat SpinaKathryn Spina – After working in the fashion industry for 20 years, Kat has created her voice as the in-house style consultant and brand ambassador for August Silk. Advising customers on how to pair colors and sharing life experiences, Kat is one of those amazingly vivacious people that we get to work with. Her enthusiasm for life inspires us to keep on trucking.


Jennifer LawrenceJennifer Lawrence – Young, witty and free spirited. We love the characters she plays on-screen and her quirky, non-filtered comments to the press off-screen. It also doesn’t hurt to be 23 and already have an Oscar.







PinkPink – Singer, songwriter and ultimate rule breaker. Her badass attitude helped her rebellious songs empower women while her non-sugar coating ways made us realize that being tough can still be sexy on a woman.







Kirsten GillibrandKirsten Gillibrand – US Senator and advocate for women’s rights, Kirsten’s most recent advocacy is fair discipline to women who have experienced sexual assault and/or rape in the Military. She has found that many cases have simply been unreported or dismissed and is demanding action to happen and we’re praising her for her efforts.  She’s a Mother Teresa and Joan of Arc rolled into one.






Arianna HuffingtonArianna Huffington – Arianna has built an entire empire called The Huffington Post that has grown to become international and eventually was sold to AOL for $315 Million. To think, the empire started as a simple, little blog.







Quvenzhané WallisQuvenzhané Wallis – Her role as “Hushpuppy” in Beasts of the Southern Wild gave her the title of the youngest actress ever to receive an Academy Award nomination. Her cute red carpet appearances only made us love her more. You gotta love a lil powerhouse in the making.







Michelle WilliamsMichelle Williams – Michelle Williams has found the successful balance between the spotlight and her personal life with her daughter. Despite dealing with the tragic death of her daughter’s father, the late Heath Ledger, and being known as a well-acclaimed actress, Michelle has been able raise her daughter as “normal” as possible in Brooklyn. We love her casual cool and staying real nature.






Michelle ObamaMichelle Obama – Michelle is just plain old likeable in every way possible. As a mom, she is raising some pretty special kids.  As a wife, she has helped stand behind her man and makes supporting her significant other seem effortless and just the right thing to do.  In a world of powerhouse women, she makes being genuine the most powerful thing of all. Simple, chic and true to herself, what isn’t more inspiring than that?




Lena DunhamLena Dunham – Quirky, funny and not your average girl to walk down the red carpet… these are only some of the reasons why we love Lena. Her hit show, “Girls”, has taken an unconventional route displaying actual situations girls experience in their 20’s.  From heart-warming to simply crazy, she makes having OCD, a problem in relationships and getting naked in the tub with your bestie kinda cool.  (And not in the ways that a guy would think.) Her free spirit and unique point of view on love and life has enthralled each episode.






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