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займы с 18 лет на карту срочно2014 marks 10 years for Pulse Creative. Our team has more than doubled in size, our office has gotten a little more spacious (although we don’t know how long that’ll last) and we haven’t totally lost our minds (again, don’t know how long that will last). But one thing that we’ve realized after being in existence for a decade: We’re all family whether you’re one of us or one of our clients.

Our clients can always expect some sort of survival kit from us around the holidays. To those that have received them, think back: hangover kit, natural disaster survival kit, office survival kit, etc. With a new year ahead of us and a means of gratitude for sticking with us, we wanted to start our clients off right in celebrating 10 years of Pulse Creative with a few essential items to survive another 10 more years in the trenches with us (as well as your own co-workers).

3,652 Days. 521 Weeks. 120 Months. We’ve been at this for a decade, and believe it or not, we’ve picked up a few useful things along the way. From duct tape to flying monkeys, inside you’ll find everything you need to survive 10 years in the trenches with us (and your co-workers). After a decade of research, we think we got it right this time. Happy holidays, and remember one thing: Co-workers are like family … You don’t get to choose them.

Here’s a look at some of the items we included:

A guide to what we gave and why.



Shot Glass/ Alcohol solves everything. Coffee Tumbler/ Hint: this can hold more than just coffee Liquor/ Like we said…alcohol solves everything.



Screaming Monkey/ Why get up to enact revenge on a co-worker, when you can have a screaming, flying monkey do it for you? Mega Phone/ Communicate with the other side of the office without leaving your chair.



Air Freshener/ Our mouths aren’t filtered…neither are our butts. Twine/ When you’re at the end of your rope…here’s a bit more. Advil/ If you have to listen to another story about your co-workers failed love life, please take two. Toilet Paper/ Some people have the “perfect” toilet experience. For everyone else, there’s toilet paper. Furry Handcuffs/ For those that can’t focus and wander around the office (get your mind out of the gutter).



Our NYC/ Guide to our favorite spots in the city.



Coaster/ Let’s face it, when you’re family, it’s one big love/hate fest.


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