Spreading Holiday Love, the Pulse Creative Way!!!

December 17, 2010   / by Jason Tsai  / Categories :

What do pop tarts, gatorade, condoms, crackers & cheese and a toothbrush have in common?…HOLIDAY GIFTS!!! DUHH!!!

As we sit in this office (which nowadays looks more like a distribution center) prepping our gifts to go out the door, it just amazes me on how much we love our clients and vendors. We thought tirelessly about what to give while taking baths with our rubber duckies, taking care of our business on the toilet with our favorite Staples catalog, and  just plain staring blankly at our computer screens. The standard holiday card with all our little personally written messages in it? Nah, I doubt you’d be able to read my handwriting. Elf ourselves? Fun, but not really personal enough. Ugly Xmas sweaters? Seems like everyone’s doing some type of ugly sweater theme this year. Wine & cheese baskets? Stuffed animals? A bottle of scotch? A pen that says “Pulse Creative”, Holiday-themed panties?!!!…. No, Negatory, Ugh, What the??!!! Back to the drawing board…

So we thought REAL hard about what people really do during the holidays besides the typical visiting their relatives’ relatives and holiday shopping ’til 2am and…EUREKA!…They party it up! They go to their own company holiday parties! They go to their friends’ company holiday party! They go to their significant others’ company holiday party! Get-togethers! Dinners! Soirees! Galas! Balls! ‘Tis the season for celebration!

So fresh off our own holiday party in Atlantic City filled with tomfoolery and don’t-think-just-do attitude, we realized – what could actually be any better than a “Holiday Hangover Kit”!!! A basket full of the-day-after remedy goodness: Alka-Seltzer tablets, Red Bull Shots, Mints, Mouthwash just to name a few. All complete with a “Your Ticket Out of a Bad Decision” pad just in case you ever find yourself in a sticky situation…

To that end, we say be safe and don’t do anything we wouldn’t do (which really isn’t saying much because I think we would do anything)! HAPPY HOLIDAYS & WE REALLY, REALLY LOVE YOU ALL!!!

psssst….in case you need a copy of that get out of a bad decision thing, you can grab it from here.

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