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June 14, 2013   / by Ashley Hudlow  / Categories :

Father’s Day is all about honoring that Y chromosome in your life.  Most people celebrate this day by giving their father an ugly tie or some golf clubs that he’ll never use, but not us. Here at Pulse we give our fathers and father figures a blog post, the noblest of all presents because it comes from the heart.

The fathers of the Pulse Creative team are in a league all their own because it takes a truly special person to raise Idiot Savants. So I asked a few of my fellow coworkers to tell me about their dads.

“I love my dad because he’s taught me things that girls usually don’t get
into such as fixing cars, talking about sports, what it takes to run a
fish pond, etc.” Said Criselda with a smile.  “He has changed for a better man and I’m proud of him.“

“Well obviously I think I have the greatest dad in the world.” Alison told me when I asked about her father. “He has always been my go-to for support in any situation because after all, I am ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’. My dad is a nudge, and a giant pain in the ass and I wouldn’t have him any other way.”

“I only have one negative aspect towards my father…he’s taller than me. Other than that, he’s my Papa Dukes.” Dhare said.

Juan, who in a few months will be joining the ranks of fatherhood, said this about his dad: “My father is a strong man who always instilled that faith, education, simplicity and discipline [were the] most important points of a good man.” No doubt Juan will continue to do the same when he reaches fatherhood.

Bibs simply commented with “I definitely know where my humor came from.”

“Two dads are better than one, right? I’m lucky to have two dads that care so much about me. My step dad is the more serious, taking care of business kind of guy and my father is the fun, free spirited, live in the moment kind of guy so I get the best of both worlds! But the disagreements are doubled because to them I’m still and will always be daddy’s little girl and whatever they say goes, right?” Nikki, our marketing Intern said.

“Not only is DeRohn a great father of four but he’s also the better half of the HBIC.” Monica joked when I got around to asking her about her husband.

If someone asked me to talk about my dad, I don’t think any answer I would give them would do my father justice. I think it’s the same way for most people. We say the first things that come to mind but it’s never enough. No amount of words can truly explain human emotion. So let’s stop using words and use pictures instead to show our love and appreciation for our dads and for the members of our team who are fathers themselves.


Happy Father’s Day from everyone here at Pulse Creative!

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