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Good Books “Metamorphosis”

Production Studio, Buck,was recently approached by Good Books, an online book seller that passes all profits to Oxfam, to produce a promotional video that used Frank Kafka’s Metamorphosis as the theme. Using great illustration, elegant transitions from one scene to another and probably some really good drugs, Buck creates a stunning story that would make anyone by from Good Books. Read Motionographer’s interview with the Creative Directors here.


Talk about something you’ve never seen before. Spanish artist, Alicia Martin, created sculptural installations all around Madrid of books spewing out of random buildings and windows. It’s definitely an eye-opener.

Durex Condoms x Balloon Animals

If you’ve ever used a condom before, you know that they actually have multiple uses…like balloon animals! Duhh! Durex takes these balloon animals to a whole new level. Yeah, this campaign is old, but its still funny to us. Enjoy. And if you’d like, here are some stills from the campaign.

Dragon Dictation

Yeah…voice-recognized dictation isn’t anything new, especially with the launch of Siri. But in case you were looking for a really really really really good talk-to-text app, here it is.

Social Seatmates

Ever get really anxious about who you’ll be sitting next to on a long cross-country flight? Or even worse, a cross-Atlantic flight? Dutch airline KLM is trying something new with their Meet & Seat program. Passengers can pick their seats prior to boarding based on Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. Its basically like a, except for airplane seating!

Underwater Dogs

Photographer Seth Casteel takes to going underwater for these dog shots that’ll definitely make you smile. Want one for your own dog? Just shoot him an email and he’ll try to make it to your town.

We <3 Football

This video pretty much sums up how much we’ve missed the NFL season. Hi NFL. Glad to see that you’re starting on time this year.

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