Nomadic Ramblings Vol.3

February 16, 2012   / by Jason Tsai  / Categories :

The Illest

Great style frame and storyboard design by Hello Tello for the fashion brand Illest. This type experiment was inspired by the idea of liquid ink forming solid shapes within a spray booth environment.

Five Straight Hours of Adriana Lima

We here at Pulse Creative love women (if you couldn’t tell by now). Even the women that work here, love women (not in that way though…well…for the most part…not in that way). The Superbowl came and went with the New York Giants reigning supreme (ugh…I’m an Eagles fan…but my colleagues made me put that in here). One of the stand out commercials during the game was an ad for Kia Motors featuring the stunning Adriana Lima. Why settle for 30 seconds when you can watch 5 hours of Adriana Lima goodness?! And in 1080p?! Pure YouTube heaven!!!!

Alexander McQueen Spring 2012 Campaign

Photographer David Sims was once again chosen to provide the look and feel for Alexander McQueen’s Spring 2012 line. Working off what he did for the Fall 2011 campaign, the new Spring campaign works off the intergalactic / holly vibe with a slightly lighter tone to it.

Art from Wood Shavings

Ahhh…the virtue of patience. That’s what these guys definitely had when they were working on these sculptures made from wood shavings. The bird itself took half a year. I can’t imagine how long the others took. Either way, its very impressive work.

Art from Books

If you thought art from wood shavings was crazy (see previous headline), how about using book pages as your medium?! UK based artist Su Blackwell has created several works that reflect fairy tale settings within the pages of books. Redonkulous!

Irritable Bowl Syndrome

This was a great take on Bill Maher’s Irritable Bowl Syndrome – basically what he thinks the Super Bowl is all about. The motion graphics done by designer Fraser Davidson go from one infographic to another seamlessly. And with Bill Maher providing the narrative, its definitely a must-watch.

Foursquare Solves a UI Issue That Google and Yelp Couldn’t

When Foursquare was first released, it was mainly created to be a location-based game and another way for friends to keep in touch with each other. Last week Foursquare released an updated version of Explore, the tool they created to help their users find recommended spots to go. It’s a BIG help when you’re planning to travel to another destination and are looking for places to go in that area. Read more about it here and how it can help you.

Photon Browser

Looking for a browser on your iPad or iPhone that can support Flash? Photon Browser is your answer. How’s it do it? By making use of a cloud streaming session. The app has other features as well such as tabbed browsing, multiple browse views and personalization of the UI. Find out more here. карты банков предложения

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